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How to Make Your Sales Team More Result Oriented and Productive


We know that every team leader is constantly searching for new ways and strategies to make his sales team more result oriented and productive, and today we have the right recommendations for you to achieve this important goal.

Keep reading and follow these single tips to make the most of your team; trust and prepare to see the changes.

At Tasker TimenTask you will find a helpful hand, a friend more than a tool, and will be the perfect ally –for sure- in your Sales Force Automation process.

We know changes are never accepted easily, but with this innovative team collaboration software, you will be able to improve those daily activities that sometimes escape from control.

Can I Believe In This Tool?

Of course! The greatest thing about it is that you will see the results for yourself. The problems you have today, will be the solutions of tomorrow and later, just a memory from a while ago.

Get To Know A Bit More With Daily Examples

Most of the times are really hard to control the check in and out of employees, there is a lot going on every day that makes it normal to lose this control. Well, TimenTask can keep a track of the exact time and location of every employee. We will even give you an alert when one of them do not clock- in or do any suspicious activity.

Also, you will have the control of what they do during the journey by using our Real-Time Activity Report, you will track total visits to customers made each day, and the total time spent at each customer site.

If you want to, you can record meeting hours with customers and time spent at each location and the best part is that we will give you a Daily Sales Report of a team that will help you save historical data to make performance analysis.

Another big issue in sales teams is the time wasted… it’s very hard to avoid this manner but with our Task Assignment you can allocate jobs to teams as per the location and check task status in real-time.

This way you will have an instant notification for the assigned task and real-time status update of the task as soon as they work on it; so, employees can see task routes and will get a reminder for the client follow-ups. This way you can manage a team and assign work from anywhere anytime.

Furthermore, if you have issues with communications in your team, we can make you more effective by going paperless; we encourage you to chat with your team, avoiding communication gap.

We Can Help You Lead Reporting And Managing

To sum up: we can help you lead reporting and managing, setting up reminders and follow-ups; as we can prevent the loss of time spent on meetings, you will save time because there is no need to go to the office for marking the attendance.

We will help with the improper utilization of time, on managing sales targets so you can forget about carrying sales collaterals, client docs, etc.

And the best part of all is that TimenTask also works in Offline Mode and it automatically synchronizes data when connecting to the Internet! Don´t think about it anymore, make the biggest decision of all and be ready to see the results!
What Are The Main Solutions We Can Offer?

  • Monitor Sales Teams Real-Time Field Movements
  • Real-Time attendance with location maintains complete transparency, no need to make phone calls for identifying their presence
  • Locate field sales team and get real-time updates of the work, assign task as per the location
  • Get details like frequency of visits to clients and transactional history
  • The sales team can check-in or check-out for a client visit
  • Identify your sales champions and replicate their best methods in the field
  • Optimized sales team routes to deliver maximum customer satisfaction with minimum investment
  • Share real-time updates as the software allow images, videos and, documents to be captured on the go and verified by the sales team
  • Record calls of sales & support team refer calls in case of any misshapen

Get information, get in control and get focused! Visit Our Website and see all the details.


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10 Ways to Manage Your Working Style for Greater Productivity

Productivity at its best, no need to write an End-of-the-day report, all activities are well listed thus they are becoming more popular amongst all kinds of businesses in this digital world. Due to the rising level of distractions and increasing workload, its necessary to analyze where time flies for the day so we can figure out of which work is more important and productive.

Here are 10 reasons why productivity platforms are the ultimate key to success:

1. Note Down Important Task List

With TNT Tasker, the employee can easily keep track of all the assigned tasks and manage their activity logs. Having access to the details of every task collectively in one neat and organized place can boost productivity levels instantly. Employees will be well aware of their important task with time, therefore completing the work much faster.


2. Create a To-Do List

Productivity platform can aid employees by creating simple to-do lists. From replying to important emails to working on an annual statement required by the manager, the platform will make sure to remind them about it all. By providing the workforce with a daily set of aims that they are expected to accomplish, work can be done in more productive and quick ways.

3. Prioritize Your Tasks

Many at times, employees tend to become overloaded with work. With too many tasks to complete in too little time, they may not be able to make effective decisions regarding what to do first. This is where the productivity platform steps in. By constantly keeping track of all tasks and making sure to prioritize the most important ones, employees can spend less time worrying about the workload and more time actually completing it.

4. Stop Multitasking

While many employees tend to believe that they possess the capability to multitask, chances are that they really don’t. During some of the busiest times of the year, employees may take on one too many tasks at once and as a result, end up damaging the outcome of all. With the use of an effective productivity platform, employees will be guided to complete only one task at a given time. This will have them invest all their time, effort and concentration into only one task at a time, eventually leading to great outcomes for all.

5. Minimize Distraction Like WhatsApp, Facebook, Phone Call

Social media, while it has its perks, has now become one of the biggest reasons why work is not completed effectively or on time. With a productivity platform that keeps track of all time spent working on each task, employees will be highly motivated to put away these distractions and focus on their work only.  With the help of these, you can control your time spent across the day, week and month and see how you can convert it to quality time in the real world.


6. Organize Your Workplace

Long working hours and an ever-increasing workload tend to clutter the workplace for employees. As a result, productivity levels are compromised upon as much time is wasted trying to locate important files, documents or assignments. By making use of a productivity platform, employees can have a perfectly organized workplace where everything is exactly where it is supposed to be. Employee productivity will rise significantly when employees no longer waste time and are provided with an organized environment where they are motivated to work.

7. Track and Limit How Much Time You are Spending on Tasks

While some tasks may require more effort than others, it is always beneficial to keep track of time in order to regularly assess your performance. With the use of a productivity platform, users can limit the time they spend on tasks as well as set personal goals for themselves to limit this time. By doing this, employees will become more vigilant and try to spend only the recommended time on a specific task. With less time being wasted, more work can be done and more success can be achieved.

8. Choose Your Friend Wisely

Team collaboration software, as a part of the productivity platform, assist employees working on a common task to collectively achieve their goals. This tends to enhance user productivity as it enables multiple users to remain connected and work together on projects, despite their location. Team members are able to form successful and productive workspaces which teach employees to choose their friends at work wisely.


9. Develop the Habit of Saying No

When a software is constantly updating employees about their pending and upcoming tasks, they will automatically become much more conscious while agreeing to do other things. This is an advantage as with all their work presented in front of them in an organized manner, they tend to develop the habit of saying no to the tasks they think they would not be able to complete.

10. Focus on Result Oriented Activities

Focusing on result-oriented activities basically refers to making things happen. If the employees are result-oriented, they will figure out how to achieve the correct requirements despite the challenges faced and stay absolutely focused on the core principles of gaining alignment and achieving clarity. Productivity platforms contribute towards achieving this tough standard by helping employees answer ‘why’ they are working on a specific task. By making the ultimate goal clear in front of employees, managers can successfully increase productivity levels as employees will be highly motivated to achieve them. 


Best Time Management App, Employee Tracking Software, Mobile Time Tracking Application, Productivity Platform Software, Project Management Software, Real Time Tracking Software, Time Tracking Software

Productivity Platform

Productivity Platform

In today’s fast-paced world of business and competition, it’s becoming necessary to analyze the time spent for the day, distractions, actual time at work etc. just to improve the efficiency and to provide more outcome.

This becomes very easy if we use technology solutions to monitor our day to day activities and having reports in a glance to understand the main pain points where we are lacking behind. Productivity Platform help you in achieving more in less time.

They are important. The question is why?

The answer is simple and straightforward. Competitive markets, business models, and consumer preferences change with the wind and keeping up with this requires fortitude, patience and quick thinking.

In this situation, the up to date productivity platforms helps you in achieving your goals efficiently, quickly and satisfactorily.

This software has many advantages.

  • Speed project delivery
  • Increases productivity
  • More efficient
  • Time Saver
  • Improves teamwork
  • Records of work done with the actual time spent

DeskTrack is a productivity software that is top notch and designed according to the requirements of today’s business world.

It has the following features

  • Records total time spent on the internet with the detailed history of browsing
  • According to department whitelist the applications and blacklist the URLs for measuring the productivity.
  • Mobile App Time Tracking during the office hours
  • Set time limits on the applications of desktop and mobile to get reports if they exceed the fixed time.
  • Day-to-Day activity logs of the Multi-located teams
  • Analyze the points where the team is struggling and push them in a right direction to increase the efficiency.
  • Actual Working Hours by the team on the project by logging the data into projects or modules.
  • Automated timesheet for actual working, meeting and idle hours.
  • Consolidated work reports to maintain the transparency between the managers, team and hire management.

Desk Track Software


Teamwork is essential and vital for the survival and prosperity of any business. It is the basic foundation on which a business practice stands. But every company faces challenges regarding the team and work management. In a project where every task is delegated and further sub-delegated, the chances of mismanagement and loss of vital information are very likely.

It becomes taxing if not analyzed where time spent for the day and a source of irritation as it compromises the working efficiency of the company.

The team faces different problems every day, working together is not always easy and fun. Lack of trust and conflict of personalities is a common problem. This breed mistrust and hostility in the working environment

Sometimes badly perceived information results in poor or no delivery of results. Other problems such as poor communication, lack of creativity, lack of participation, bad management and inability to resolve conflicts are common. These issues compromise the working of a company and damage the company’S reputation.


Human beings come equipped with the capacity for making mistakes.

Here software programs provide the easy and quick solution. Our software is designed on three basic principles- quick, smart and effective.

It provides you with tools that help you in enhancing your company’s productivity. It saves you time, often confusing procedures. It organizes your work in a methodical manner that makes the saving and retrieving of data easy at any time.

It comes equipped with features such as Time Tracking Software, Employee Monitoring Software, Project Management, Activity Tracking, Automated Timesheets, Team Building, Team Management and Real-Time Reports.

All these features help in guiding the team and helping them to work effectively.

It is a tool that the creative, as well as the management team, can use to increase their working capacity. It streamlines the team and helps in achieving greater goals and success.

It provides a smart, easy and a workable solution to today’s demanding business requirements.


Every new day brings new challenges and problems. New technologies and methods are emerging daily with various results. In this time of software chaos, it is important for a company to keep its focus and poise.

Companies that attain the heights of success are nowadays focused on software programs for their success. Productivity platform help you by organizing your work and making it time-saving. This helps in producing great results within the time limit.

Productivity platform, make sure that the organizations have the tools to overcome the challenges of executing on strategy and to flourish in today’s economic times. Software programs enable the managers to keep an eye on the projects and to track their progress easily in every step and can provide useful reinforcement to keep performances in the line. It helps in keeping deadlines on track.

It also provides you with advanced business analysis and detailing capacity. It enables you to gain a deep and rich understanding of your business requirements, consumer demands and market trends. This information helps you in analyzing your business and in making new designs and strategies.

You can monitor the market trends and can compare them with your company’s output. This will help you strengthen your company’s foothold in the market and will increase the consumer satisfaction.


  • Enhance employee productivity
  • Effective Task Management Software
  • Increases work efficiency
  • Time-saving
  • Produces more with less
  • Well organized workforce
  • Effective teamwork and management
  • Helps in the analysis and the redesigning of strategies
  • Making of analytical reports

So do join us today. For further information and questions, please contact us at or call us at +1 650 242 8260 or +91 9636140177.

Best Time Management App, Employee Tracking Software, Mobile Time Tracking Application, Project Management Software, Real Time Tracking Software, Time Tracking Software

Tracking Efficiency Like Never Before

Banner Image

One of the best new efficiency trackers to evaluate every moment of your business operations is TimenTask. With the help of this brand-new efficiency tracker it’s possible to experience a proven track record of 25% to 30% productivity in your business.

It’s difficult to identify inefficiencies within an office environment until you can visually represent the way that your employees are spending their time. TimenTask is an application that can provide tracking on employees both inside and outside of your offices. With features like real-time tracking location, recording of meetings with managers, recording of on-screen time with a computer and full work tracking across your company, you can see just how your employees spend their time.

You can pull of information on each employee and their location/current task in real time as well as track actual productivity for field of members and on-site employees. Visual representations and graphs provide direct accountability and transparency for every team member. You can export data to Excel sheets, produce performance reports, and keep track of histories and conversations across your company. Not only is this a useful tool for performance monitoring and HR professionals but it provides team members and managers with extra resources to track efficiency like never before.

Timentask is more than just efficiency tracking as well. The program also includes secure chat and document sharing through platform that makes connections amongst your employees much simpler. The easy-to-use project management software is available as an application on desktop, mobile devices, web and more. The platform is perfect for communicating with people in different time zones, accomplishing work anywhere and seeing real-time reports on cost analysis on projects with profits.

TimenTask makes the process of work easier and includes ongoing updates, bug reporting and solutions to keep your business up and running with tools you can depend on.

Best Time Management App, Employee Tracking Software, Mobile Time Tracking Application, Project Management Software, Real Time Tracking Software, Time Tracking Software

What is TimenTask & Why should you use it

One of the major issues that the business world faces on a daily basis is that we spend money tirelessly and many times on stuff that’s not exactly needed. That’s why we need a tool to help us in this regard, with TimenTask being the ultimate choice when it comes to tracking our financial efficiency and focusing on results.

What TimenTask does is that it allows us to perform project management and see the expenses of our business in a simple, refined and very easy to understand manner.

The best thing about TimenTask is that it actually manages to track resource utilization in real time, and thanks to that it has a proven increase in productivity of around 25% or even more at times. You can easily monitor the productivity and status reports, record meetings and even access some features that go well beyond traditional project management. These include accessing performance reports, tracking individual accountability, importing excel sheets and even seeing info about the employees that are on-site.

With TimenTask you also get the ability to boost your team’s capabilities. The app does a great job in delivering a dedicated chat app that’s available on the most important mobile and desktop platforms but it even comes with a web version as well. The app also raises the accountability level, since you can easily monitor the activity and even chat, this way each person is responsible for his/her own work.

But maybe the best thing about TimenTask is that it allows you to fully focus on the profit margin and the way you manage your money. Thanks to profit tracking, retaining resources and receiving alerts based on your budget, you will have a great time managing your resources and the results will be amazing each time.

Aside from that, TimenTask also delivers a multitude of additional modules that you can integrate right within the app. It does a stellar job in being flexible and offering complete control over the situation. It even integrates SalesForce features, offers a unique set of ideas to begin with and it’s just a complete solution for all the tools at your disposal. You should definitely enjoy the TimenTask experience thanks to the control that it offers over the entire situation and the attention to detail you can get from it.

And if that is not enough, you can even use TimenTask for tracking all the projects you work on and even see the resources spent on each one. You can see what the employees are working on, their current productivity level and you can even understand why some projects got delayed in the first place.

As you can see, TimenTask offers a stellar control overall all tasks that can be found within your business. It’s very easy to control and monitor your business and projects with its help, not to mention that it really delivers tangible results. Don’t hesitate and get TimenTask right now to boost your business and take it to the next level, you will not be disappointed!